Modern commercial litigation involves considering the Court’s overriding objectives: achieving the just, timely and cost-effective resolution of disputes. Parties are encouraged to explore their differences using mediation and conferral before being committed to expensive trial preparation costs.

The modern focus has helped many parties limit their exposure to the harmful effects of protracted litigation.  These undesirables include costs, delays, uncertainty and the destruction of what might otherwise have been beneficial, enduring commercial relationships.

Composite Law is equipped to provide parties with professional representation across virtually all of the State and federal courts and tribunals in Western Australia.  We are experienced in advising and representing clients across a comprehensive range of industry areas, legal issues and quantum claims.

We are committed to assisting our clients in exploring their options for early resolution, including through non-litigious means.  Where a suitable resolution cannot be achieved, we are equipped to provide clients with a robust, thorough and cost-effective representation at trial.

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