Litigation will rarely, if ever, be at the forefront of parties’ minds at the outset of a major construction project. Where disputes do arise, they tend to coincide with the parties being under increased financial or operational constraints to deliver on the contract’s initial budget and completion requirements.

In some cases, a relatively quick and informal procedure may be available for resolving simple disputes and keeping the project on track.

Other cases may raise broader questions, such as where multiple contractors are involved, the contract contains imprecise or ambiguous language or there is a fundamental management or performance disagreement that threatens to create substantially more cost and disruption if left unresolved.

Composite Law is able to provide front-end advice and representation in contractual matters to almost any size of building or construction project, as well as a range of dispute resolution services.  These include applications for progress claim adjudications and assisting parties with the various dispute resolution mechanisms that may be available to them under the contract.  In exceptional cases, this may include applying for an injunction to restrain another party’s conduct.

Our experience consists of having advised on a broad range of construction projects around the State.  We also have experience in the dispute resolution of a variety of construction and major works disputes.  These range from sole proprietor installation works to major commercial and residential projects worth tens of millions of dollars.  In each case, Composite Law is able to provide a professional, adaptive and responsive service to meet the particular legal requirements of our clients.

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